The Work Begins…

Obvious statement #1       We have a lake house!

Obvious statement #2       We should go down to the water!

Not so fast, my friend.

Small problem…


Let me digress a little.

Our new house is about 15 years old, and we bought it from the people who built it.  Their names are George and Judy so we call them the Jetsons.

The view from our deck is awesome.  It is what causes people to come to our very ordinary home and say “This is a beautiful house!”.

It isn’t.  It’s a vinyl clad box with no windows on the north side at all.

But from everywhere in and around our house what you see is lake and stone cliffs and trees by the lake and more lake, so people give the actual house a pass and declare it ‘beautiful’ because of our view.  Go ahead, click on it for full screen awesomeness.


We assume this was the draw for the Jetsons.

Because while we do not understand people who can live right on top of all this watery beauty and not need to partake of it, that is exactly what the Jetsons did.

Look, but don’t touch.

Yeow!  Pure torture for the people of my tribe.

So we are currently having steps built down (24 ft) to the water’s edge where we will be installing a dock next spring.

Here is the area we have chosen to sacrifice to the stair gods…


and here we go….






That’s Kevin, my contractor, inspecting the progress.




Next spring, our beautiful new floating dock will attach to this landing and we will be 100% water accessible. Yay us!

DSCF1146…and you can’t see it here, but directly to the right, tacked to a tree ——> is our dock permit!

So far, so good!


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