Lake Perks

Something I’ve always loved about being on a lake is the morning fog when the air is colder than the water…


I was up at 2am last night for various unimportant reasons,  and it seemed uncharacteristically dark outside.

Usually I can see lights in yards around the lake, reflected moonlight, just… light- however distant or faint.

So last night I had to investigate this new dark and I went out on the deck in the (literally) freezing cold.

I couldn’t see the lake.  I couldn’t see my railing!  The fog was close and thick and moving and it was blocking out all the lights on the lake.

And absolutely silent.

Then I looked up and 5 feet above my head was sharp, clear, black sky filled with thousands of stars.

I stood there and watched the fog swirl until the cold seeped too far into my skin.  It was like standing on a cloud.

Now you know why it will be worth visiting us in the fall.  🙂


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