The Renovations Begin…

Ted went back to Jakarta and I stayed behind in Alabama and we braved a 7 week separation in order to take care of the two biggest renovation projects on our list (replace ~1000 sq ft of flooring with hardwood, gut the Master Bath) plus take care of a little pile of smaller projects.  I definitely got the better end of that stick… even living through major renovations couldn’t dampen my love of this house and this lake- and now the people who helped me in so many ways to get it all done, from the pest control to the insurance.

[As always, you can click each picture to make it bigger]

The house had, inexplicably, three different floor coverings on the main floor- a whitewashed engineered wood, grey carpet, and grey tile.

They were laid at odd angles, had nail pops, stains, and a bad case of ugly.  So job #1 was to pull up everything that would not eventually be replaced with new carpet and put down oak hardwood floors. 

Since all our cabinets and trim were glossy white paint, we chose a cherry stain for the oak.

Here’s the floor we objected to:


Note carpet “shaping”. The tiny bit of floor on lower left is engineered wood.


This is the engineered wood- entry, hall and kitchen. You can’t see the nail pops but trust me, they are there.


Don’t ask us. Someone apparently had a plan, or some sort of logic, or maybe just a tic…

It made no sense to us, we didn’t like it, and it had to go.

First we had to remove the hideous track lighting/speaker setup…


…and then paint the ceiling and walls. 



The painter tore down the tracklights, masked the cabinetry and painted the ceiling a fresh white.

Then my new best friends (plumber/electrician/carpenter/handymen) came in and ripped all the ugly floors up and tore the boring white ceramic tile off the fireplace…


The fireplace as it looked when we were househunting…


And finally they painted the walls a color called ‘stepping stone’ which made the white window trim look brand new!


Now we were finally ready for some beautiful new hardwood…









In and around the floor work, the guys were putting slate tile up on the fireplace and converting the TV shelves to bookshelves…

fpl2 fpl6




So we ended up with a painted room, new wood floors, a re-faced fireplace and hearth, and re-purposed shelving. 


It was messy, dusty, loud, and painfully slow, but they got it done.  Mostly.  We are still missing the wood trim around the hearth, because it has to be milled and wasn’t high on the priority list, so…

If you are enjoying the renovation narration, stick with me and I’ll take you through the rest in digestible chunks.  

If you aren’t, I totally understand and I hope you will come back when I switch from “getting ready to move in” to “life on a lake in Alabama”.

It promises to be a colorful one if the last two months are any indication.  🙂


2 thoughts on “The Renovations Begin…

  1. How beautiful! So happy for you! You are on the way to making this last home your forever home and I love your choices.


  2. Was a very nice home to start and you have made it a warm, inviting, beautiful home, I would love to be able to do a remodel without all the furniture to deal with. It really looks like a beautiful place to enjoy retirement.


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