Renovations Begin Part Two

Welcome Back!

So. In addition to the master bathroom, the hardwood floors, the fireplace reface and the cabinet work, we wanted to re-jigger a couple of things.

I doubt anyone out there could look at this front porch and not find it cringeworthy…


Ted never found it as objectionable as I did, but he agreed it really wasn’t very attractive, and since my solution was a fairly inexpensive re-face, he succumbed to my whining and voila!

this is before it was even grouted!

Here’s a close up of it, once it was grouted…


Quelle improvement, yes?  Yes!

Meanwhile, back in the house… there is a closet/cupboard thingie that our sellers were using as a pantry.


Doesn’t look too bad, until you actually open the doors and have to deal with ugly, awkward, in-the-way bi-fold doors. Bleah.


Add this to the list of things Ted didn’t really find as objectionable as I did, factor in some more whining on my part, and voila!


The perfect solution.  A barn door over the shelving, that slides right across the doorway to the stairs when open. 

Stairs that used to have a baby gate that I ripped off the wall the first day we moved in (no babies have ever lived in this house, so don’t ask us…). 

Here’s a pic of the hardware when it first went up, before the door was added…


Meanwhile, outside the house, Tim the Painter was busy making all the goofy add ons the same color (the ramp our sellers put in and the stairs we put in).



Big improvement there, too, once the shine wore off that bright white- which didn’t take very long.  🙂

We had a dumpster delivered to hold all the garbage that came out of the house.  The guys working on it took the old shower stall, bathtub, vanity, doors and toilet, but all the tile, carpet, wood and stuff went into the dumpster.

We filled it.  I forgot to take a picture of it full but use your imagination…


And now all that’s left to show you is the master bath renovations! I don’t have all the pictures for it yet, so sit tight and I’ll be back with Part Three before you know it!


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