Final Renovations

Well it’s been a busy Spring and Summer.

Once the dock was in and I could easily fall into the lake and just as easily haul myself back out, cool and refreshed, it was much easier to watch everyone around me work at jobs I have only a vague idea of how to do and no skills for whatsoever.

The walls inside the house all got painted downstairs, along with our bedroom and the future TV room (formerly the Dining Room). The two downstairs baths got their fresh countertops and one of them got a new set of tile to replace the molded plastic shower, and we have all been saved from the last of the hideous striped wallpaper and wallpaper borders in both places.

I’ll spare you the drama of more renovation tedium and move on to the big stuff…

We decided the vinyl siding had to go… it was doing poorly and the gaps and edges made us cringe everytime we caught sight of them in the low sun of early evening, so we decided to re-side the house in Hardie Plank (a terrific termite proof cement board siding that we have had on two previous houses and can recommend whole heartedly).  As we pored over the standard color choices for the Hardie Plank our contractor informed us he could order it with primer and we could paint it any color we liked, and we jumped at the chance to get a ‘non-standard’ Hardie color. 

The primer is an unfortunate mustard yellow… think Grey Poupon.  Good to eat, ugly on a house.  The neighbors were temporarily alarmed until we told them it was primer, then re-alarmed when we showed them the paint color we had chosen.  Oh well.  They were gracious, and acknowledged that we didn’t get to pick their ordinary pale brown either, so we were even in the Paint Your House Sweepstakes.

Anyway, here are before and after pictures of the sad blue vinyl being replaced with our particular color of happy (you don’t have to like it either- we are very pleased and that’s all that matters).



BEFORE Old, sad, pale vinyl siding.


AFTER Spiffy new siding. Swell new color.




BEFORE Ugly brick, gapped siding.                           



AFTER Smooth new siding, much better match for brick.



BEFORE Pale house. So sad.


AFTER Vibrant house, with dock, stairs, and color!


AFTER Happy house of color.




AFTER Always a good deck, now a deeply colored, whitely outlined oasis of happiness.


What color it is depends on the time of day.  The chip we chose is a deep burgundy and the house matches the chip perfectly.  But in bright sun and occasionally on a whim, there is definitely a splash of purple in there and that’s cool, if for no other reason than that it assures us of a pretty uncommon choice of house color.  🙂 

As with our living room, the new warmer paint color made the existing white trim pop very nicely and even made the nasty brown mottled bricks look less like a state prison motif than they used to.

It took 3 coats of paint (and WEEKS of time because of constant rain) to get it completely covered, but by god it’s well and truly painted now.


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