Little Bits from the Lake…

If you live in a city lucky enough to still have Ice Cream Trucks, you will recognize the sound of a Scott Joplin rag coming up your street, maybe accompanied by the sound of children’s laughter and the joy that comes with it.


On our lake, you can hear the same tune way before you see…


the pontoon boat that is playing it as he makes his way around the lake.



As you can see, he only has popsicles. [Edit: He has MORE than popsicles! Can it get any better?]

And they are very expensive ($3). 

But the point is we have a Popsicle Boat! 


He will come to your dock or meet up with you in the middle of the lake.



He has a fish net delivery system that works nicely and avoids accidental sinking of your popsicle.



The laughing children are still present but there are usually more adults flagging him down.  🙂

This guy’s name is Dave Dempsey and we are glad he chose our lake to hang out on.

 (don’t forget to click on the pictures to see Dave close up)



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