Moving Day!

It’s been a roller coaster… for snails… but we finally got our furniture from Jakarta.

The company wouldn’t ship until Ted was in place and Ted wasn’t in place until August.

Then a week for packing, a couple weeks in customs because Indonesia sucks and Chevron doesn’t pay bribes even to grease the skids on my furniture shipment.

Then eight weeks on the high seas (where container ships sometimes lose a few over the side- an eventuality we try really hard not to think a lot about).

Then onto a train from Long Beach to New Orleans, and finally loaded out into a moving van to Birmingham where it is re-loaded into two smaller trucks because a semi won’t fit down our quarter mile driveway without taking out a lot of trees.

I left Jakarta the first of May thinking I was coming to Alabama to finish up the renovations then returning to Indonesia in August.

Instead, six months later, my stuff is coming to me.  Better late than never!

My hero husband juggled time off and managed to get over here to help me.  I wasn’t looking forward to checking off inventory while some guy who wished I’d get on with it waited for me to read the contents and tell him where it went.  Times 3 guys.








Meet Jason, John, and Quentin in the first truck on the first day.  They have worked together for a while and sound like The Honeymooners.  Quentin likes Auburn, the other two like Alabama.  You will have to visit to experience what a huge thing that is here, but trust me- it’s a thing.




It was quickly decided that the truck would be emptied and things parceled out from there.

They unboxed our loveseats first, and under the first cushion in the first loveseat they found a hitchhiker…




Poor little guy was completely flattened and mummified.  All he wanted was a new life in America.

John the Head Mover handed him to me with some clever remark thinking I would scream once I saw what it was.

Silly man.

He has obviously never lived in Indonesia.  Or Africa for that matter.  These things are everywhere.  Dead, alive, big, little, day and night.

I took it and showed Ted what we got.

Ted’s comment was “bookmark!” – the movers looked at us a little differently after that.

Meanwhile, Simon did a good job of supervising…




…but even with Ted and him helping I quickly lost control of the parceling.




I started yelling ‘garage!’ every time they showed me a box with small bits or questionable contents and the garage started filling up really fast.



You can see some our furniture shaped boxes… they literally built the cardboard around all of our furniture which was a terrible way to move it, but unlike the move from Africa, no one asked us.  Don’t get me started on their version of wardrobe boxes…

I’m not sure what it means that our final company move was the screwiest.  God knows we’ve done it enough to know how it goes, and this one was definitely our strangest.

Anyway… things started wrapping up fairly fast on the second day.

Once the guys left, we had piles of stuff on every flat surface and the job of spreading it around began.


























There are still tweaks and adjustments to be made, but it’s 99% finished now (although my hero left before most of the spreading was done…). 

We are edging closer and closer to a normal life.



One thought on “Moving Day!

  1. Everything looks so homey. I have always enjoyed filling up the bookshelves when I’ve moved in the past. What a lovely home!


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