Four Seasons

Oh my. Apparently I went into writer hibernation and didn’t notice.  And winter didn’t even get truly interesting here until February!


Back in 2011 when we first started researching our eventual retirement home (and while we were still in denial about moving back to the Deep South), the only thing we knew for sure was that we wanted to live someplace with four seasons again.

For many of our years, we have lived with just one season – the Equator.  For just as many years we had only two seasons – wet and dry (California) or hot and cold (Australia).  Even in Wyoming, we really only had two seasons – Winter and July.

Once we came to our senses and realized we had no intention of living full time in Michigan or Wisconsin or Minnesota, our choice of lake in Alabama seemed especially smart, since we are in the Northern 1/3 of the state and get an almost perfect four season life.

Summer is good and hot, but nothing like the searing heat in the San Joaquin Valley or the wilting dreary heat of the swamp they call Houston.  It’s just nice and hot – enough to make you appreciate the lake, not enough to keep you indoors worshiping the AC vents.

Spring and Fall are as they should be… in between time that wobbles between the past and future seasons.

Winter is… fascinating.

Maybe I’m just jaded after spending too much time without it, but that didn’t keep me from having a lot of fun with my first sub zero season in a very long time. It never got above 50 and frequently went below 20, especially at night.  Brrrr!

The dog didn’t like the crunchy grass on frosty mornings, but then, in February, we got a record snowfall and suddenly he was Simon, Tropical Dog of the Arctic!  (click on a picture to enlarge it)


Simon, searching his newfound love, Snow, for his new best toy, a snowball. He chased 20 snowballs, never finding one to bring back but never getting discouraged. I think he was waiting for the snow to melt and reveal them all.


This was not a sissy snowfall even for northern climes… in 10 hours, our house got 9 inches and the town south of us got 11. Pretty impressive for a county with no snowplows.  The county south of us has a single sand spreader, so all their bridges were coated with Gulf Sand (and still are, in the center and on the shoulders).

This is our driveway midway through the Best (and Only) Snow of 2015:



Well, okay, the beginning of the driveway.  It’s pretty long, and has a steep hill at the other end. Luckily I had no place to go.

And it snowed, off and on from 2 pm until midnight.  This was the scene about 10pm:


So. Much. Fun.

Everyone take a moment to mourn the passing of our former Bamboo plant. DSC_0043








And then join me in a Late Spring Happy Dance while we marvel at the extremes and just plain cool of #neverboredinArley


February 2015


April 2015



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