We’re Doing The Best We Can…

It’s that time of year again!  Our local electric co-operative is having elections for board members.

There are all sorts of things they do to encourage voting, not least of which is a discount on your bill.  There is a party with free hot dogs and stuff on the day of the annual meeting, and everyone in the co-op can register for prizes.

One prize is a pickup truck! You read that right… if you could vote in our Rural Electric Co-operative election you could go to our party, register, eat free hot dogs, take a ride in a bucket truck AND maybe win your very own truck.

Click on the picture, read the info carefully (paying close attention to the year of the Prize Truck), and remember that we are a small community in a poor state and don’t have endless resources.

Then when you are done laughing, remember we are #neverboredinArley!



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